Business expenses management solution dedicated to small companies

Automation & Productivity

Even as a small business, the need for productivity is essential to do not waste time managing tasks without real added value.

Keep focus on your main tasks and enjoy the many features that will allow you to automate the management of business expenses for your collaborators.

Whether with the features X-Bank(1), X-Bill(2) or either with the recurrence management of your expenses, XpanS Team will save you time for you and your collaborators.

(1) Module for bank data integration to automatically capture expenses

(2) Module for e-invoices integration to automatically capture expenses


Flexibility & Agility



The implementation of XpanS Team is simple and fast. You do not need to set up a complex project that will mobilize a good part of your team.

You will easily set the solution to adapt your company policy in terms of management of professional expenses (types of specific expenses, validation, invoicing of the customers).

Solution ergonomic and intuitive solution, your employees will adopt very easily their new application.

Keep control



As a business executive, you supervise all stages of the expense management process for your company.

Notifications (Web or Mobile Push) as well as the relevant XpanS Team reports will allow you to have real-time activity, adequate with your collaborators.

The connectivity provided by the XpanS API will allow you to decide in a few clicks with which other applications (Accounting, H.R.) you want to exchange the expense data reports.

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