Xpans One

Business expenses management solution dedicated to self-employed

Your personal assistant

Manage your business expenses efficiently and independently, focusing only on your business.

In 2 clicks, send all your expenses, referenced and classified, to your accountant.

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Xpans Team

Business expenses management solution dedicated to small companies

Time is precious



XpanS Team is easy to implement and will be quickly adopted by your employees.

The preconfiguration related to the local constraints (VAT, kilometric scales ...) combined with the flexibility of the solution will allow you to optimize very quickly your process of management of the expense reports.

Xpans Infinity

Business expenses management solution dedicated to companies from medium businesses to multinational groups

See the world differently

With XpanS Infinity, you finally have the opportunity to use a solution that will revolutionize your internal policy for managing professional expenses at national and international levels.

Dematerialization and digitalization, which are accessible to all entities in your group, will allow you to benefit from a panoramic view of the activity of all your employees.

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