Business expenses management solution dedicated to companies from medium businesses to multinational groups

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Recover 99.99% of the VAT that is due to you


Recovering VAT on professional expenses generated by your employees in all the entities of the group has always been a headache.

Thanks to an elaborate algorithm, XpanS Infinity is positioned as the world leader solution* covering 99.99% of the calculation of recoverable VAT amounts worldwide.

Forget the shortfall due to a non-recovered VAT and improve your economic result.

* Tested and approved by international tax experts on cases of large multinationals with travels in several countries of the world.

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Productivity without borders

Thanks to XpanS Infinity, you get a powerful tool suited to your domestic and international governance of your professional expenses.

Take advantage of the local mileage scales of the different countries where your entities are located or create specific scales for your needs.

Customize the expense types dedicated to your employees.

Define capping rules for expense amounts.

Manage advances on fees and daily allowances (Per Diem).

Manage the budgets assigned to your analytical objects.

Manage approval processes.

Manage the automated integration of your employees business cards operations.

Manage fleet of corporate vehicles.


Security & Auditability

XpanS Infinity has been designed with the primary aim of providing a quality solution with a service guaranteeing the security and reliability of the processed data.

XpanS Infinity is a solution that respects the procedures of protection of personal data, in full compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Particular attention is paid to the compliance with this standard in regards with other interfaced editors.

Move to a 100% digital solution thanks to the Archiving with probative value provided by the feature X-SAFE. This secure process allows the company to free itself from the physical archiving of proof of expenses incurred by employees.



XpanS Infinity has developped its own API REST allowing external applications to access your whole professional expense data.

Whatever your ERP (SAP, Oracle or Sage), XpanS Infinity can easily be interfaced with all the solutions available on the market (via API, XML, SOAP or flat files exchanges).

For more flexibility, the access to the XpanS Infinity application is also possible with a SSO (Single Sign-On) control using login credentials of your intranet portal.


Depending on the activity of your company, define the different analytical axes in the XpanS Infinity configuration to feed the multiple reporting proposed in standard which will provide you with a panoramic vision of the professional expenses of your entities in the world