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Expense Management Solution & Business Assignments

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Business Expenses

Bundles of credit card tickets in your wallet? It’s over.

Waste hours filling out worksheets or Excel tables to report your business expenses ? It's over too.

With Infinity, solution, dematerialize all processes related to your business expenses.. Declaration, management, validation : everything is done in a few clicks and thanks to the camera of your smartphone.

Infinity is aimed at companies and administrations of all sizes and sectors of activity, and fits perfectly into your application landscape in all countries of the world.

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Professional Assignments

With Infinity, dematerialise at 100% your mission orders, from creation to cash management and validation. Your employees will be grateful.

With just a few clicks: create the mission, link the necessary costs while allowing your employees to pay directly from the platform, keep in touch with your travel providers, validate and manage your cash flow more easily.


Reporting 360°

Thanks to our 360° reporting, available in various forms and filters, keep a panoramic view of your entire tax system of all your entities worldwide.

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Les plus que nos clients valident :

  • Le scan intelligent (technologie OCR : reconnaissance des caractères)
  • La récupération des tickets restaurants
  • Le reporting 360°
  • La récupération de 99.99% de votre TVA
  • L’archivage à valeur probante

What our customers validate as ...


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Entry, modification and validation on mobile applications (Apple & Android).

OCR (character recognition) scan, mileage scales, applicable VAT, exchange rate.

Ease of use without the need for in-depth training.

Notification via emails and mobile pushes.


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Dematerialisation of supporting documents with the possibility of archiving with probative value.

Control Assistance
Caps, lunch withdrawals, duplicates...

Flexible analytical structuring that easily and simply meets reporting needs.

Access to several exploitable reports (.csv and .pdf) that facilitate daily processing.

Easy to interface with all accounting ERP in the market.


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Return of Investment
Features that allow you to recover at least 22% of the expenses incurred. (Example: Recovery of 99.99% of the eligible VAT during employee business trips).

Flexible solution that easily adapts to organizational structure.

Security & Auditability
Flexible management of user rights, traceability and historization of all operations performed.

Multinational radiation solution that manages all local constraints (languages, currencies, scale, time zones...).

Data management
A solution that complies with the Personal Data Management Policy, and gives full powers to users.
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